The Honda Project 2&4 is an Exercise in "What if"

September 16th, 2015 by

Project 2&4

"What if" is one of those questions that really makes you think. It can be either you reflecting on past mistakes or you looking toward the future. Honda has long used this question as a way to look ahead and become an innovator in the automotive world. Its latest concept car, the Project 2&4, is a great example of this, as it stemmed from the question "what if we combined a car and a motorcycle."

The Project 2&4 Concept made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and it arrived with a 999 cc V-4 engine on loan from Honda's MotoGP motorcycle, the RC213V. With 212 horsepower at its disposal and an 892-pound curb weight, we're sure the Project 2&4 is a hoot to drive. Unfortunately, there's not much chance of us getting any seat time in it, as it is just a concept for now.

Though we won't be seeing the Project 2&4 on out lot here at Honda of Greeley, we do have a lot full of new Hondas for you to check out. We are located at 4535 W. 29th St., Greeley, CO 80634, so feel free to stop by to check out what we have.

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