What is Lane Keep Assist?

2017 Honda CR-V Safety Sensing

As part of the Honda Sensing® safety suite, Longmont drivers can access the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). This system alerts you if you begin to drift from your lane, and will work with other features of the Honda Sensing® systems to help you stay safe on Ft. Collins roads. Discover what the Lane Keeping Assist does and how it works on new Honda vehicles below!

How Does Lane Keep Assist Work?

Lane Keeping Assist System will scan road markings, and use tactile and visual alerts to notify you if you begin to drift from your lane without signaling. The multi-information display will display the Lane Departure Warning and the steering wheel will vibrate to get your attention quickly. Additionally, the Lane Keeping Assist System can also help the car stay centered until you take action by providing steering input.

Can I Turn Lane Keep Assist Off?

You can turn off the Lane Keeping Assist System, as well as all of the Honda Sensing® driver assists. Here’s how:

  • Press the MAIN button on the steering wheel until you see LKAS on the multi-information display
  • Press LKAS
  • You’ll see lane outlines on the display (dotted lines turn solid when the system is ready)
  • Press the MAIN or LKAS button to turn off the system

What is Honda Sensing®?

The Honda Sensing® system is a package of safety features and driver assists that’s standard or optional on most new Honda vehicles, such as the Pilot SUV or Accord sedan. Along with LKAS, Honda Sensing® also includes the following:

Lane Keeping Assist System is one of the features you’ll find included in the Honda Sensing® suite, but not Toyota Safety Sense. TSS offers something called Lane Departure Alert, but it won’t apply steering torque to help keep your car centered.

Try Lane Keep Assist at Honda of Greeley in Greeley

Ready to try out the Lane Keeping Assist System, and the other features of the Honda Sensing® system? Schedule a test drive at Honda of Greeley, and we can show you all the latest Honda safety technology.