What is HondaLink®?

March 30th, 2018 by

Civic HondaLink

HondaLink® is a suite of features exclusive to Honda vehicles that connects you to social media and news while helping you navigate to favorite spots or new discoveries. HondaLink® is available on all Honda models, so you can find it when checking out the Honda Pilot interior or perusing the Honda Accord technology offerings.

HondaLink® App

To connect with HondaLink®, you first have to download the HondaLink® App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. From there, you can easily use the many apps that are compatible with the HondaLink® software, including, but not limited to:

  • Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media
  • News and Sports Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Yelp and other Location Listings

Once the HondaLink® App is on your phone, you can access all of your cloud-based services directly from the touchscreen on your dashboard. Leave your phone safely tucked in your pocket or bag while you stay connected with HondaLink® on your touchscreen.

HondaLink® Navigation

HondaLink® Navigation provides you with turn-by-turn directions to help you arrive at your Ft. Collins destination with ease. Use HondaLink® Navigation on your next family vacation, and make the trip easier.

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