Honda Uses our Favorite Childhood Toys to Help Donate to Charity

December 8th, 2014 by

First Honda got our intention by reintroducing us to our favorite childhood friends, convincing us to get behind the wheel of new Honda during the Happy Honda Days event. Now Honda is giving our drive meaning; they are using the toys of our past to help kids in need.

From Jem and G.I.’s romantic video to the musical capturing of a Gumby and Pokey adventure to the video you just watched, featuring the broish escapades of a dynamic good and evil pairing, all these videos serve just one purpose: raise $50,000 for children’s charities. Simply by sharing and garnering the most video views, one lucky charity–either the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation or the Little League Urban Initiative–will receive that big check.

Because when you drive a Honda, you are supporting a company committed to you–especially in your time of need. So if you haven’t so already, come on in for a test drive at Honda of Greeley in Greeley, COtoday.

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